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Why this website? was developed to bring the history of the NCAA Tournament to life.

For three weeks in March and April College basketball is king. America tunes in to watch buzzer beaters, unlikely heroes and giants fall. Now the NCAA Tournament was not the spectacle it is today. It started from humble roots and grew and evolved to today’s modern tournament.

A few years ago while designing a website for friends and family to submit bracket entries, a process which we at no longer support, I wanted to include a brief history. While researching, I noticed most of the information available was limited to current tournaments, unorganized, scattered about and lacked visual luster. So I decided to set out and find ALL that I could about the tournament and bring every tournament played since 1939 to life with names, stats, photos, and videos. The teams, players, coaches of the early days of the tournament seemed lost and forgotten. I wanted to highlight the significance they played in cementing this annual ritual. Who but enthusiasts knew that Henry Iba’s Oklahoma State Cowboys were the first dynasty? Who but enthusiasts knew that both Dean Smith and Bobby Knight won the championship both as players and coaches? Who but enthusiasts know that not all Most Outstanding Player recipients are not future NBA superstars? Tidbits like this, is why this website was created.

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